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Explore the beauty of nature while riding over 170 acres of private trails on kickin’ back cabins property. Guests are welcome to bring their atv or side by side when staying in one of our cabins.
Our trails are open year round and suitable for families with children and guests who prefer a leisurely ride to enjoy the outdoors.
We do have various types of terrain as our trails are wooded and consist of hills, dirt, rocks and creek crossings. Please use caution when riding our trails.

It is highly recommended that you bring 4x4 ATVs
Please remember that riding your atv is at your own risk, and kickin’ back cabins will not be held responsible for any accidents or injury to guests or damage to your atv.
All atv’s must be factory approved vehicles, no modifications or home built atv’s permitted. No dirt bikes, go carts or racing quads are permitted.
We do not rent atv’s and we do not rent our trails, guests must have their own atv and be a registered guest of kickin’ back cabins.
The trails are clearly marked with directional arrows so that all atv’s are going the same way.
Approved dot helmet and protective eyewear safety equipment is required.
No permit is required; however each guest will need to sign a kickin’ back cabins waiver and release from liability form and atv agreement/trail rules form.
Riding hours are from 10:00 am until dusk.
Speed limit on the trails is 15 mph.
No alcoholic beverages to be consumed or carried while on kickin’ back cabins trails.